James Wolf; No Danger

I woke to some terribly exciting news today.

One of my favourite songs has been given an official release date.

While that’s great, I’m sure you’re at a bit of a loss as to why that is such a big deal.

Well, that’s not all.

That same song is also available as a free download today to absolutely everyone.

What do you have to do?

Rip it from YouTube? No. Record it from the radio using your tape deck? No. Sign up to receive a gargantuan amount of emails offering you discounted thingamabobs? No.

You have to ‘like’ a Facebook page. That’s it.

No, really – I promise, that’s all you have to do.

James Wolf - No DangerHave you ever wandered into Tropical Popical and came across a young gentleman clad head-to-toe in sequins or shorts that were smaller than you could ever have imagined?

That was probably James Wolf. 

Does that name sound kind of familiar? Previously James was the man behind Bitches With Wolves and has announced the release of ‘No Danger’, his debut solo single on the 15th of July this year.

There’s few words that could describe ‘No Danger’ better than by mentioning that it is in fact whopper!

If you have never been introduced to James’ sound, please allow me.

It’s a cacophony of electric pop that will have you dancing and screaming the lyrics. The song titled ‘You Can’t Piss To This’ will become a fast favourite of yours too!

If you want to hear more, which of course you do, you can find various remixes of No Danger on James’ Soundcloud channel, you can stalk him on Facebook or creep through his various updates on Twitter.

Download your free cope of ‘No Danger’ here!

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