Just over a year ago, I had the absolute privilege of sharing the Olympia stage with ten of the country’s most talented (and possibly most insane) individuals.

How? Why?

Alternative Miss Ireland, of course.

Since the competition was laid to rest, many of those contestants have become close friends, confidants and sources of inspiration. (I mean, have you seen Pixie’s Instagram #selfies?!)


One of the people I’ve been most fortunate to get to know is Anthony Keigher, of Xnthony fame.

During rehearsals for Alternative Miss Ireland, I remember seeing this very tall contestant emerge from a cake, wearing a sequined leotard whilst also singing Nicola Roberts.

From that moment alone, I was a fan!

Having finished his degree in Fine Art (with first class honours, I might add), Xnthony delved back into the creative womb and has been born again as one of Dublin’s most promising performance artists / ‘brands’.

At present, in Dublin it can be difficult to find a platform or a stage for your brand, particularly if you’re performance or artistic endeavours doesn’t tick many of the proverbial boxes.

To combat this challenge, Xnthony has constructed his own stage; an online plateau.

With the assistance of Conor and Seán, Xnthony has a sleek new website which references the design of dating and porn sites, apparently!

Today, May 31st, marks the very exciting launch of Xnthony.com.

Minnie Mélange & Xnthony

To celebrate and herald this occassion, I met with Xnthony in his studio where we spoke about depression, being Madonna, growing up as a strange child, moving to London, Alternative Miss Ireland and of course Xnthony.com.

The launch for this fantastic affair will take place tonight in Loom Studios, 36-40 Dominic Street Upper, Broadstone, Dublin 7. 

If like me, you’re a tourist in your own city, Xnthony has given me these directions; “Get to Capel Street and then follow the balloons.”

Oh, and the theme is steam!

Hopefully, I’ll see you there!

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Sinéad Burke is an academic and a writer with an obsessive interest in fashion, education and 'Extraordinary Women'. She is an ambassador for the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and the National Women's Council of Ireland.